Today we will talk about seven most hydrating fruits and vegetables with high water content, and these are foods that you should be getting especially in the summer regularly.

Here’s a big thing to remember as well, a lot of times I hear people say like I’m trying to stay hydrated and they’re doing that by drinking water.

First of all, we need to be getting a lot of water in our diet but here’s the thing to remember hydration is not just about water. Its H2o plus electrolytes. You got to be getting those electrolytes like potassium chloride, magnesium, sodium in your diet regularly. 

Especially if you’re sweating, frequently and it’s maybe you’re working out or doing a spinning class, or you’re outside a lot. Always remember, those things use up electrolytes and water.

So if you want to stay hydrated you need water plus electrolytes daily then let me share with you the best fruits and vegetables with high water content you want to start using, are given below.

Fruits & Vegetables with High Water Content and Less Calories

Watermelon & Watermelon juice

Eating watermelon is a great summer snack. Some of the fruits which I am going to share with you contains sugar, but if you are not consuming processed sugars, then it’s fine to have a little bit bit of sugar from fruits.

Watermelons are one of the best fruits with high water content and less calories in general, but it is very high in electrolytes.

Watermelons are one of my favourite fruits, and this is a great thing to add in your daily fruits. You can just throw it into a blender with a little bit of ice and do like the sort of like a watermelon slushy or eating a watermelon just straight, and simple is a great way.


The second no of superfood you want to consider adding in for hydration is celery.

Now somebody recently asked me that what do you think about this whole celery juice craze? 

Now here’s what I think, I just love it. There’s a lot of facts that I don’t love, such as you know I remember a diet years ago where somebody was only going to supposed to eat grapefruit for an entire month that’s not the best but just drinking some fantastic celery juice.

Celery is very very high in both sodium and potassium, and it’s good for electrolyte exchange in your body, so your cells are also. Due to these nutrients not only your body will get hydrated, but all of your cells will also get hydrated.

So celery juice helps with the electrolyte or flu exchange within your cells, that’s why it supports cellular detoxification, and so celery juice is incredible. Maybe I put this on number one in my list.

Coconut Water 

Coconut water is rich in potassium. We know potassium has been shown in clinical studies to lower blood pressure. 

  • It helps to lower the risk of heart disease. 
  • It helps with cramping.

We typically think bananas as good hydrating food for potassium which it can be but what’s just as high in potassium if not higher is coconut water?

It’s something a lot of people consume in the Caribbean where it’s hot out that’s how they stay hydrated. But again coconut water one of my absolute favourites.

Citrus Foods

Next one is citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit. Getting some citrus can be great.

Now when it comes to citrus I typically don’t recommend doing just plain old orange juice, but what I would recommend in the place of that would be eating an orange, you’re eating grapefruit or adding lemon or lime juice.

Those two juices are great as well and ideally, fresh-squeezed or juice at home can be great. You can also make your lemonade at home using a little bit of stevia which is a no-calorie natural sweetener or I love honey and lime juice mixing those up together and drinking that in the summer is sort of fresh lime aid or lemonade is a fantastic thing to do as well.


Another very hydrating food is going to be tomatoes.

Now tomatoes are unique, and they also contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which helps to decrease skin cancer risk. It also helps in male prostate health and in general, it’s good for everybody.

Tomatoes are high in those phytonutrients but also is a more hydrating food. 


Another one’s going to be pepper. Specifically, bell peppers whether it’s red, orange, yellow, green but bell peppers are very very high in electrolytes.

Here’s a big bonus with bell peppers, they’re one of the most vitamin C rich foods on the planet. So if you want to support your body’s collagen production and also stay hydrated at the same time, then using some bell peppers is a great way to go, and I love using and dipping these in guacamole.

That’s a great snack if you’re on a keto diet. If you want to do another great dip you could do something like some homemade hummus, which is also really good to do if you’re looking to stay hydrated.


cucumber is refreshing food. Now you may have had cucumber water before, but you can just sort of peel off the sides of cucumber and blend it in a blender and do it as part of a green juice or do the whole thing in a juicer but the thing about cucumber you can also just cut it and put it on a salad.

Cucumber is high in electrolytes, but it’s also high in something called silica which is great for your skin. I used to I remember we’ve all seen the movies or maybe you’re a woman reading this and you’ve done this – putting cucumber on your face. Do you know why we put cucumber on our face? 

There are two reasons first –

  • It is rich in electrolytes and 
  • It’s cooling.

Cucumber is one of the most cooling food, so it reduces inflammation and heat that remains on your skin and also time. Silica helps to strengthen collagen and your hair and your nails and specifically your skin, so it’s great for that as well.

In the End

So remember when it’s hot, and you want to stay hydrated then hydration isn’t just water, it is water plus electrolytes. So make sure to get more of fruits and vegetables with high water content and also the electrolyte rich foods in your diet.