DHT blocker foods

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is a kind of testosterone hormone which is one of the root cause of hair fall in both women and men. 

It is a natural process where your body uses an enzyme named 5-alpha reductase and converts 5% of testosterone into DHT.

You can block the production of this enzyme and decrease the rate of DHT by adding many foods in your diet and prevent hair loss.

Here we are going to share 6 DHT blocker food list to prevent hair loss.

DHT blocker food list

Green tea

Green tea is Originated from the Camellia sinensis plant, and it is one of the most famous and well know drink all over the world.

The production of green tea leaves is in a way to maintain the tea’s natural compounds. Green tea leaves are steamed, however, they are not fermented like black tea leaves and oolong tea leaves.

This process involves green tea’s primary plant Epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG). However, this plant has been directly linked with the health benefits like heart health, brain health, weight loss etc.

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is proven to protect your hair follicles from DHT. Follicles are a part of your skin which helps in hair growth.

There is research where an alcohol extract of EGCG applied on the scalps of 3 men for 5 days. This process stimulates hair growth by improving the health of dead cells and reduces the production of DHT. However, there is no report issued to date, which can say about hair growth prevention by EGCG. (Source). 

Supplements Extracted from Green Teas are generally, contains a rich amount of EGCG. However, there is no proven result that green tea or any supplement can fight with the hair loss caused by DHT. (Source)

Eventually, there is more research needed on drinking green tea or taking green tea supplement or EGCG to prevent hair loss and block DHT.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil originates from the core or the inner part of coconuts.

Coconut oils are generally, used for cooking because of its high cooking temperature. However, coconut oil is, also used for skin, hair, and other beauty cares.

Coconut oil has triglycerides (MCTs), which is high in the form of fat. In some studies, it has been tested, in test-tube and animals that if it consumes in the form of lauric acid and orally, then it can block the production of DHT. (source)

This kind of studies is known as the preclinical studies, which helps the researchers to identify that the particular treatment is effective or not, and it is not harmful to humans.

So these preclinical studies are needed to trail on humans also before the coconut oil recommendation to prevent hair loss by DHT.


Onions are high in antioxidants with some calories, but they give a sweet but sharp flavour to our dishes.

In some preclinical studies, it has been proven that quercetin can block the production of DHT by preventing the enzyme alpha-5 reductase.

In research, it has been tested on a rat and combines with the prescribed medications to prevent hair loss. As a result, this was shown that DHT has a decreased production rate. (Source)

Somehow Onions have tested on animals, and it has some assured results, but there is nothing that can prove that eating onions or taking quercetin supplements can prevent the production of DHT level in Humans.


Turmeric is well known a herb, and it is generally in spices for cooking. Turmeric has so many health benefits that you should have to know.

Turmeric helps in so many diseases, some of them are given below – 

  • Improves cholesterol level
  • Reduce the Pain of Arthritis
  • Enhance recovery after exercise

Turmeric has a high concentration of active compounds like curcuminoids, and this property helps in so many diseases. Curcuminoids are also known as curcumin.

However, the preclinical studies have shown that curcumin can block the production of DHT and reduce its level by blocking the alpha-5 reductase enzyme, but the results on humans are still unknown. (Source)

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkins are generally growing in winters and mostly used in the celebrations in Halloween.

Every pumpkin has hundreds of seeds, and every seed is nutritious and rich with zinc, iron, magnesium, and other antioxidants.

Oil from the seeds of pumpkin may help to grow hair in men.

In a research 76 men treated for male pattern hair loss. They were treated with 400-mg pumpkin seed oil tablets daily for 24 weeks. They have notable hair growth than those men who were taking a placebo. However, there is no remarkable difference between both of the groups, in the thickness of hair. (source)

These studies show that pumpkin seeds can block alpha-5 reductase enzyme and reduce the production of DHT, but more researches needed on humans before the recommendation in hair loss.


Generally, Edamame uses as a snack or appetizers. These are the Young Soybeans.

Edamame is rich in fibre and protein, but these beans also contain isoflavones. This compound helps to reduce the DHT by blocking the action of 5-alpha reductase.

In research of 6 months, 58 men were taken under the observation and supplemented randomly with one of them listed below – 

  • Soy protein high in isoflavones
  • Soy protein with removed isoflavones
  • Milk protein

According to the results of this research, after 3-6 months, it has been observed that the Soy protein with removed isoflavones reduced the DHT level more than milk protein and Soy protein high in isoflavones.

This means soy protein has other compounds which are connected to reduce the DHT level.

More studies are needed on humans to verify the effects of Edamame.

More Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

There are lots of foods that can prevent hair loss due to DHT, but more research needed on humans.

If you are experiencing hair loss, then visit your doctor so that he or she can identify the possible reason for hair loss and suggest the medication according to your medical history.

If we talk about the medications of hair loss, then Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia) are two well-known medicines. Minoxidil helps to open the blood vessels while Finasteride blocks the 5-alpha reductase and reduce the production of DHT.

But these medications have side effects also so without any kind-of prescription, do not go for them.

Sometimes it may be possible that deficiency of vitamins and minerals cause the hair loss problem, which can be treated by taking the multivitamin supplements.


So basically DHT is the main hormone and cause for the hair loss.

Above mentioned fruits and vegetables like Green tea, pumpkin seeds, Onions and Edamame, and others have the compounds that can lower your DHT level and may prevent your hair loss problem.