The mood is changing in the UK at the moment. We have gone from strictly adhering to complete lock-downs, to actively ignoring many light restrictions.

Here is the COVID position of a friend, with whom I do not necessarily agree, but I think the real concerns expressed are that there would be sympathy with families in similar situations.

Said from the first day. I don’t track and trace and I don’t go by these new nonsense COVID rules. If you know how long you had left, would you still act like this is all normal? It is now beyond a virus, with the High Court in Spain ruling against the government that a lockout is illegal and against human rights. Please, do not look back 5 years from now and accept that you have spent the whole year of your life wearing a mask, working in your home and avoiding all the people you love. A year in your life that you will never take back.

I am not saying that this virus is not real, or that there are not people who can be affected. If you are at risk, use caution, of course. There is a risk every single day. Car accident, flu … our days were numbered before that. That has not changed. But, there is no need to be forced to live in fear.

Being an independent nation, we are being told that we cannot go to school, cannot go to our grandmother’s house, cannot honour a loved one through the funeral. And when we were allowed to do these things, we were told how long we could stay, apart from how far we had to stay, what to wear… yes, matters of your health. But you know what else matters? family, friend. The school dances. football game. Family holidays. Neighbourhood BBQ. Life.

One day, you hugged your grandmother, mother, father, the brother for the last time. Maybe one day, for the last time, your best friend will cry on your shoulder. Maybe, someday will be the last day when your son will play his last football game. One day, your daughter will wear her last formal dress. One day, they will have their last day of school. One day, you will spend your last day laughing with your memes. One day, you will perform your last dance.

Do not waste the days you live in fear, because if you will a question that what is this virus, then you will find just ‘control and fear’ and nothing else. So here is your time which matters only on this earth. Live your life as soon as you have the chance, we will all die of virus someday.

So Just Stop living in fear and live your life freely.

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